BuchneraBase is a database designed to encapsulate and reference information obtained from the complete genome sequence of the gamma-proteobacterium Buchnera aphidicola APS, as sequenced and annotated by Shigenobu et al., (2000). Buchnera aphidicola APS is the primary symbiotic bacterium in the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum and its annotated gene content approximates to a subset of the gene content of the model bacterium Escherichia coli. We have derived a high quality gene and functional annotation for Buchnera sp. APS through cross referencing with our sister database . BuchneraBASE also provides for cross-referencing to the genomes of several further symbiotic bacteria for which full sequences are now available:
EndosymbiontHostPublished by
Buchnera sp. SGSchizaphis graminum (aphid) Tamas et al., 2002
Buchnera sp. BpBaizongia pistacea (aphid) van Ham et al., 2003
Wigglesworthia glossinidia brevipalpisGlossina brevipalpis (Tsetse fly) Akman et al., 2002
Blochmannia floridanusCamponotus floridanus (carpenter ant) Gill et al., 2003
Blochmannia pennsylvanicusCamponotus pennsylvanicus (carpenter ant) Degnan et al., 2005
Baumannia cicadellinicolaHomalodisca vitripennis (glassy winged sharpshooter) Wu et al., 2005
Buchnera sp. CCCinara cedri (aphid) Pérez-Brocal et al., 2006
Sodalis sp.*Glossina (Tsetse) Toh et al., 2006
We also include Mycoplasma genitalium, with the smallest genome of an organism that can be grown in pure culture. (Venter et al. 2006).
We have constructed BuchneraBASE to facilitate the post-genomic analysis of these bacteria, especially the genomic correlates of co-operative intracellular lifestyles.

*Counts of the pseudogenes in the Sodalis genome are inaccurate at the moment, but this will be corrected shortly, as the annotation proceeds

BASE is a collaborative project between the labs of Dr. Gavin Thomas and Prof. Angela Douglas. This new version of the database was re-engineered and developed by Dr. Peter Ashton of the York Biology Technology Facility.

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